Immigration Experience Essay

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Immigration Experiences on the West Coast During the late nineteenth century through the mid-twentieth century, many Chinese and Japanese people immigrated to the United States, specifically to the West Coast, under the belief that they would be not only be welcomed and accepted but that they would also be able to start fresh with their lives and become successful. However, once they arrived on the coast they experienced intense inhospitality, mistreatment, and great hardships. They felt that they were misled by the United States promoting friendship and welcoming arms and claiming that all American citizens and immigrants alike could achieve the great “American Dream” with a little work. Chinese immigrants had a monumentally positive impact on the West Coast, predominantly in California, during the Gold Rush period. However, they were not treated with the respect they deserved. In 1870, a merchant named Pun Chi wrote an article called “A Remonstrance from the Chinese in California, ca. 1870” that protested how he and his fellow Chinese immigrants were deceived and treated with malice in California. He argued that they came to California, because it was expressed unto them that the people of the United States were very affable towards the Chinese and that they were welcome to travel to California to search for gold. The Chinese were quick to discover that the people of the U.S., including other foreign immigrants, did not see them as equals and went so far as to treat them
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