Job Shadow Interview Report

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To satisfy the job shadow requirement for VTSP-0101-01, I contacted the Wyandotte County (WYCO) Public Health Department, Jennifer Allen, who is on the review board of WYCO Fetal & Infant Mortality (FIMR). We agreed that Thursday, April 6, 2017 would be the day that I would do the job shadow. When I entered the lobby there was a reception desk welcoming me. They directed me towards the Clinic. In this building there are other offices such as the WIC Nutrition Program, Child Care Licensing, Family Planning, etc. Upon entering the clinic, I was introduced to Jennifer Allen. After a brief introduction, we continued on a tour of the office where I was introduced to about seven employees. There is a separate area where the nurses are located to …show more content…

There is a lot of bad stuff that happens in the world and a lot of people are hurting. I can give people resources and opportunities all day, but if they do not do the work, then they are not going to succeed. I have to be an encourager and not an enabler. Q: What kind of personal satisfaction do you get from your job? A: The work that I do with FIMR is very important to me. If we can save just one baby it is worth it. You know better, you do better and I believe that education is key to changing health behaviors. Q: What advice would you give a student interested in this career? A: The work is hard but very important. To work in public health you have to realize that you are here to service the public and meet them where they are. There is no judgement and that differences need to be celebrated. You will not become a millionaire either, but if you have the drive and patience it is all worth it. Q: What changes do you see in this area within the next 5 -10 years? A: In the next 5-10 years I think that the FIMR will probably add Child Death Review. I also see a lot of work around Trauma and Adverse Life Events being added into our work. The experiences and traumas that we are exposed to changes who we are and I think that is going to be important in social …show more content…

Their job is to get a list of possible partners and start meeting with them to offer help setting up appointments to get a vaccinations or prescriptions to treat the disease. I think the hardest part of this person's job is to contact the partners of an individual that comes into the clinic and test positive for HIV/AIDS. I can't help, but feel like the partners or even the individual that first tested positive are a victim. These people are considered victims of transmission of a sexual deadly disease. Their job to contact these people to relay that life changing information has to be a difficult

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