Jobs Where Stress Never Ends

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Jobs Where Stress Never Ends The world population is rising at an extreme rate, making it harder for people to find a job for a living so that almost every job in this highly competitive world is increasingly stressful. Can anyone find a job that has no stress? Perhaps, the answer for this question is always no because stress actually comes from many sources whether people like it or not. For example, stress comes from bosses, colleagues, wages, and job pressures. Stress mostly depends on the type of job. There are many types of jobs that are stressful, but people often think about the top three stressful jobs such as police officers, airline pilots, and firefighters. One of the most stressful jobs is to be a police officer. Three causes that make police officers stressed are working long hours and unusual shifts, strictly conforming to non-disclosure policy, and dealing with many kinds of perpetrators. First, working long hours and unusual shifts makes them stressed because they cannot spend enough time with their family and take care of their children. They start working in the early mornings but get off duty late at nights. Working during weekends does not become an unusual task for their job, and sometimes they unexpectedly have to report to duty due to serious cases. They unintentionally lose a lot of good chances to celebrate holidays or birthday parties together with their family. Their jobs bring in a lot of stress for them. Second, they have to strictly conform to
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