John Eldredge's Journey

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God offered us the life to live, it is up to us to go on this journey as desire pushes us to see what the purpose in life is. John Eldredge’s book is very inspirational. As we go about our daily lives, we often go to God in prayer, watching and waiting patiently for God to open doors for us. This book helped me see that we have a desire burning in our soul, and part of this desire is to remind us that we must stay focused on Him. Moreover, we should be open and be real with our Creator. One quote I feel fits the book’s theme is, “Desire is powerful. One of the most powerful forces in our lives. At least, it was meant to be....How you handle your heart's desire will in great measure determine what comes of your life. So let us take the journey together. (pp. vii, ix). Our desire comes from the condition of our heart whether it be …show more content…

“When God created Eve…he took her straight from Adam’s side. None of us have fully recovered from the surgery. There is aloneness, an incompleteness that we experience everyday of our lives” (pg. 126). Chapter eight goes to mention the grand affair found between us and God. There are times in life where everyone around me seems to be in some type of relationship. This leaves me feeling lonely and questioning what I have done wrong to deserve this single season. However, it’s a natural feeling to crave union with the opposite sex. We were made to be long for intimacy. In the society we live in, I feel as if this unity between man and woman have been misunderstood. We don’t believe that intimacy is possible anymore because several people are turning to sex to ease the pain (pg. 135). Fortunately, God provides beauty and strength. When we are in a relationship, and both people seeks to put God first, God will enable us to see the desires we seek in the opposite sex. When it comes to relationships, we shouldn’t focus on the physical intimacy and attraction, but rather on worshipping

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