John Haygarth Summary

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Sometime in 1799-

"Just tell me how you feel after the treatment." reminded the physician as his patient nodded silently, well aware of how he was being used as guinea pig. The physician, an aged and weathered man of around sixty years, fetched two metal rods, both the size of toothpicks, one comprised of brass and the other of steel. "So you said that it hurt, here?" he questioned as he tapped on the patient's temple. "Yes, thats where it hurts, sir." The man answered, although slightly nervous, he had hear of these famous "Perkin's Tractors" and also of the physician standing beside him, "John Haygarth." Although the patient was not much of a scholar, he had heard of the physician, "One of the best of his time," he was called. While the client was thinking this, Haygarth slowly applied the point of the rod …show more content…

"This may aslo point to how more well known doctors are more succesful than unknows, as the patient is more likely to believe an awed and acomplished physician, than one unheard of in his field. It is even likely that the medicine of today still uses these methods." Setting down his quill, He leaned back in that same chair he had on the day he had tested that nervous man. It had been quite sometime since John had seen that man, even though he continued his practice at the local clinic from time to time. Still, he thanked him for allowing himself to be tested. Picking up the scraps of paper, he set them in neat piles on his desk, to be compiled into his next book on the morrow.

And this is more or less how the placebo effect was first demonstrated in the year 1799, by a man of the name "John Haygarth," using phony medicinal "tractors" made by another physician "Elish Perkins" (Hence "perkins Tractors") I hop you enjoyed my take on it, no matter how short it

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