John Hick argues that human beings are psychophysical persons

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2. John Hick argues that human beings are psychophysical persons. He believes a person can be resurrected through a divine act of recreation. How does he defend this position? Do you agree with Hick? Why or why not? Please provide reasons to support your claim. John Hick believes psychophysical re-creation and parapsychology is evidence for life after death. He says the soul cannot be destroyed, unlike the body. Hicks believe man is not an immortal soul attached to a predetermined body, but man is a mortal with a psychophysical life that has to rely on God. To explain what Hicks means, he uses John Smith, a man who disappears from the U.S. and is the same person in India at the same time. Since John Smith is exactly the same people…show more content…
In order for someone to define themself, it requires looking deep into their life experiences and determine what has helped form us into who we are. We cannot define our self by our others see us, but only by who we truly know we are. I do not feel there is a way that the same person can exist at different times, at least here on earth. There is one person, per body, that has one soul. Once the physical body dies, then the person's soul lives on. I guess someone could look at a person exising at different times, such as their personality traits and qualities in their children. I have heard many say, "Your daughter is so funny and has the same personality as her father." Does that mean that in a sense, my husband is existing at different times in himself and through my daughter? I'm not sure. There is one way for sure that the same person can exist at different times, and that is during life here on earth and then after death when the soul moves on to either heaven or hell, depending on the the life choices the person made while living. Self. (n.d.). In Bing Dictionary online. Retrieved from 5. How much of your self-identity is formed through your interactions with other people? To what extent do you think your identity is determined by your culture and by family, friends and so on? Please give reasons
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