John Holland's Theory Of Six Personality Theory

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According to John Holland, PH.D., a psychologist who devoted his entire professional life to researching issues related to career choice and also a professor emeritus at Johns Hopkins University, if you can match your job personality type and your work environment; you can improve your success and satisfaction. To put it simply from a job personality standpoint is just like the idea of “birds of the same feather, flock together,” we just need to replace the variable “bird” with “people;” and that people with the same personality type tend to enjoy working with each other. For example, a sociable person enjoys working with other sociable people. Same personality type tends to create a work environment that rewards thinking and behaving like that type. For example, an artistic environment rewards creative expression.
When you are in an environment that supports your job personality, you act and feel more effective. Job personality types are really just lenses on behavior. When it comes to career psychology, Holland’s model is still one of the most respected theories that help …show more content…

It considers that people learn from one another, including such concepts as observational learning, imitation, and modeling. There are three key components to Bandura’s social learning theory (Abbott, n.d.) observational learning, imitation, and behavior modeling (Bruner, 1990; Wood, Bruner, & Ross, 1976). Bandura’s social learning theory is based on the idea that observational learning involves the fact that humans often cannot learn for themselves. The learner has the power to influence their learning in new situations by controlling the surrounding environment — whether that environment is imposed, selected or constructed (Bandura 1999). (Hathaway, Muse, & Althoff, 2007, p.

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