John P. Kotter's Leading Change

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In the first chapter Leading Change by John P. Kotter brought out the fact that all companies (large and small) go through changes. Some are to remain competitive others are to keep up with the changing marketing tactics. “These efforts have gone under many banners: total quality management, reengineering, rightsizing, restructuring, culturing, change, and turnaround” (Review, 2011, p. 1). Now to add another name, my company calls it PEx (production excellence. It is really not looked at as a good thing. We have a separate PEx group. When a manager has a process that they want to change (or update) they call the PEx team. After many (many many) meetings with core people changes are made. I have been through a few and looking back, it was not enjoyable.
In this chapter step 1 of the 8 steps of transforming your organization is creating a sense of urgency. It stands to reason that error 1 of 8 is the opposite or not a great enough sense of urgency. One of the statements that I hear often is ‘Why change we have always done it this way’. Another one is, ‘If it is not broken don’t fix it.’
The second chapter Change Through Persuasion by David A. Garvin and …show more content…

He spent about an hour hyping everyone up and even thronging little footballs into the audience. He has ‘special’ people statically placed throughout the audience to keep the hype going. When he brought up the change people even cheered. When the hype died down I wondered if some regretted it. However, at that point it was a done deal. Well, it was a done deal when upper management approved it, but now almost everyone was behind it because they felt that had a hand in it. “In a receptive environment, employees not only understand why change is necessary; they’re also emotionally committed to making it happen, and they faithfully execute the required steps” (Review, 2011, p.

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