John The Savage Alienation

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Claire Conti
AP Literature
Mrs. Scruggs
29 August 2017
A Savage’s New World In the totalitarian country of London, the people are not subjected to war, hate, poverty, disease and suffering. There is an abundance of wealth, leisure and pleasures, but with utopia comes elimination of freedom and orthodox values. The people in the society are created in factories, then put into a strict 5 class hierarchy. To take the edge off of the harshness of reality, they take a synthetic drug called Soma and drift into blissful ignorance. When a savage named John—who becomes isolated from his indian tribe in New Mexico—comes to live in utopia London, he is forced to learn the strange, untraditional customs of the civilization. In the end, he has to choose between either assimilation or death. In the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, John the Savage is both alienated from his community and emotionally enriched after being isolated from his home tribe. John the Savage’s view of civilization was greatly enhanced after he left the sheltered community of his tribe. When he first arrives in “utopia” London, he is amazed by the aesthetic of the city and the people who live there; here he recognizes how different the paradisal city is from the barbarous environment of his tribe. John exclaims,“how many godly creatures are there here! How beautiful mankind is!” (129). John is exemplifying the value of learning a new culture and religion from the perspective of one who has been sequestered
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