Jollibee Food Corporation Strategic Management

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Assignment in Strategic Management Business Analysis (Jollibee Food Corporation)
Jeff C. Balanag 15/6/2012


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Introduction Company Description Jollibee History and Milestone Jollibee Food Corporation Ownership The Use of School of Strategy Culture School Values, Mission and Vision Jollibee Culture (Johnson Cultural web) Cultural Dimensions Positioning School STEEP Analysis Porter's Five Forces Strategic Mapping Jollibee Products and Services Offered Jollibee Market Segmentation Jollibee Unique Selling Point Competitive Analysis SWOT Analysis Porter's Generic Strategy Ansoff Model Combination of Generic, Ansoff's and SWOT Analysis Value Chain Analysis Financial Accounting Techniques Economies of scale and Learning
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Second top reason is that most of Filipinos don’t have time to cook or they much preferred to eat outside and thirdly because some of them do it to treat their children in the name of celebrations. Retrieve from Expansion trend of fast food franchises In Metro Manila (2009).,%20Mei-Liang%20.pdf, Accessed May 25, 2012. On this account, as fast food chains remarkably grows and become an instant solution to the changing lifestyle of the Filipinos, based from the few amongst many evidences the writer would like to express its area of interest on the Philippines fast food industry more specifically on the Jollibee Food Corporation (JFC) primarily its brand carrier Jollibee. It is more challenging and exciting to analyze and know the reason behind the success of one of the Philippines top company. Jollibee is the leading fast food chain in the Philippines for over 25 years and the most interesting fact is that even MCDONALDS the world’s no. 1 fast food giant could not replace them. Later, on this writings the writer will use different models and techniques to evaluate and analyze Jollibee’s overall strategy in becoming successful in terms of maintaining its market position, image, financial growth and etc.


Company Description History and Milestone Jollibee has been founded and established by

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