Jon Crimp Essay

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The office itself had never been quite so buzzing with nervous energy. The change had been mooted in the months leading up to the most recent round of elections, and finally it had become an inevitability as things had finally fallen in favor of the EFP at the polls... then finally in the courts. But the change itself was a complete unknown. Everyone knew that the new man in the White House - Jon Crimp - finally had the power to put his own men into the various offices of government, including the Office of Education and Employment. But few knew what it was going to bring. Sure, some of the emails had clarified a few "changes" - the new dictat on shoes for examples - but these had almost all been shallow and cosmetic. There had been only…show more content…
how could he be parachuted in to run something which he had previously known nothing about? Suddenly Kaitlyn was beset with other questions; how had he fallen into politics? was he a man sent there by the president himself? had he ever met the man? what was he going to do now? Certainly Senator Dobbs didn't look like much... he was shorter and slightly younger than she had expected, and he had the plastic smile she expected from EFP senators. Well, he doesn't look like a *total* asshole she smiled to herself as he reeled off his "catch phrase". Just what exactly was he going to "get done" though?! that was the question. As he talked a small entourage moved around and past him. First 2 burly looking security guys, then one executive looking older guy, and finally a handful of much younger and distinctly female "staff" followed after! It was the last of the little "crew" which suddenly caught the young interns eye... Whoa... are they *really* dressed like that!?... their skirts were short. Very short! Kaitlyn could only watch in silent frustration as a handful of her male colleagues smiled and nudged each other, her female peers sharing perplexed and disapproving looks in rather sharp contrast to the guys somewhat annoying amusement. Eugh... such sexist morons she mused as she realized that some of the guys even shared a couple of smiles, laugher and nodding. Kaitlyn had kind of supposed that everyone in the department had been "Big State"
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