Joshua And Caleb Research Paper

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Joshua and Caleb were described by God as men of complete courage and faith. Their speech and actions proved that their commitment to God was as immense as their knowledge of their almighty God. Joshua and Caleb were among the twelve spies whom Moses sent to explore the “Promised Land.” And in exploring the land, Joshua and Caleb distinctively saw God’s sovereignty, faithfulness, and truthfulness that they strongly persuaded God’s people to go up and possess the land. They believed that God would fight for them and defeat these godless people living in the land of their inheritance which God gave to their forefathers. (Numbers 13:30) However, the other ten spies saw sure death and defeat if they fight the giants and great fighters of Canaan…show more content…
However, God promised Joshua (who pledged to serve God with his family) and Caleb (who unconditionally trusted God and patiently waited for God’s promise to be realized) to enter the land of milk and honey because they followed Him wholeheartedly. Furthermore, God declared in their hearing that He would let their descendants inherit their inheritance” (Numbers 14:22-25). What can Christians learn from the life and testimony of Joshua and Caleb and the Israelites? Joshua and Caleb teach Christians to trust God at all times and in all situations unconditionally and must not to doubt Him by trusting their own understanding, like the grumbling Israelites; For God does not have pleasure with those who are faithless and His wrath destroys those who disobey Him, including their families. (Numbers 14:11-12) However, His favor goes well with those who loves and seeks His pleasure. Hence, Christians must fight and defend God’s cause and firmly stand for Him even when others will not. Be God pleasers and not man
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