Journal Report On Journal ( Trip ) ( 2011-2012 Item No. 1

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Journal (Trip to France) - 2011-2012 Item No. 1

The first item in my portfolio is a journal from when my family took a trip to France. Since my dad was granted a sabbatical, our family travelled to the south of France for a year to learn French and gain cultural experience. We took this trip during the time I was in Grade 6; however, we had to take school in French instead, which was probably more difficult. I chose to add this journal because it is an accurate summary of many of the things my family did in France, and it shows my progress throughout the year learning French.
In order to be able to communicate while my family was in France, all of us had to learn to speak and write in French. This was a challenge, but we took lessons …show more content…

However, I would make sure to keep a more detailed account of what I was doing. I would need to keep a better journal so that I could remember all the things I did. There are so many things to do and see that it is nearly impossible not to forget something!
In France, I learned the value of heightened social and interpersonal skills and awareness. I found that when speaking in French, I was much more confident than when I spoke in English, and this led to me being less introverted. By writing a journal, I also learned how to summarize facts concisely, and how to communicate effectively.
This journal demonstrates that I have effective communication skills, especially in writing. It also shows how I am always working to improve my general skill set. You can see this throughout the journal, as my French gets better and better!
Rock (Asteroids Game) - July 2013 Item No. 2

As the second item in my portfolio, I chose to add a rock. Although a rock is something very ordinary, to me it represents something very special: the time when I created a clone of the arcade game Asteroids. This was significant because it was the first time I had created a video game that actually looked professional; it was also the first video game for which I developed a fully functional computerized opponent. I chose a rock to represent part of me in my portfolio, because it is a

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