Journey Through The Slave Trade

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Taking a journey through the slave trade begin with the involvement of many factors. We tend to look at the Europeans kidnapping Africans from the Continent of Africa and taking them to a strange land. This begun two hundred and forty-five years of slavery in North America. A process of cultivating land, providing a diverse labor force, and the reproduction of a multiracial generation. Slavery helped shaped a worldwide economy and a political process that African descendants, have an interest in today. On the other hand, it instilled inferiority to the enslaved race. The unfortunate laws of the slavery, encourage a race of people to overcome and reap the benefits of their ancestral sacrifices. Trading has gone on since the biblical …show more content…

The multi-level ships consisted of 1000 Africans laying on the floor side by side, head to feet, hands and feet shackled in chains. The heated conditions, vomit, feces, and blood caused many Africans to die before delivery. Ship’s Captain often was blamed for bringing in less cargo than purchased. The slaves had to lie in this position sometimes for more than six months. The deceased was fed to the sharks who was following closely behind the ships.
The Slave Trade traveled from the West Africa Coast from Senegal to Angola. The Congo slaves went to South America including Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. In exchange they provided sugar to Africa, the slaves also worked in the mining industry and produce coffee for the World. Sierra Leone Africans went to the West Indies, Mexico and the United States. The United States offered cotton, tobacco and some sugar near New Orleans. Senegal Slaves went to Asia in return for …show more content…

The southern states wanted to have their own nation and wanted to keep slavery alive, was unable to decide on laws. The north did not want the country to be broken apart. In the election of 1860 Abraham Lincoln stated that he wanted to stop the spread of slavery. The southern states said that if Lincoln won, they would secede and leave the union. The southern states seceded from the union after Lincoln was elected.
Conclusion, Atlantic slave trade offered the Europeans wealthy, more educated and a less compassionate attitude toward another human being. We all suffer from inferiority complex and slavery created a power and wealth struggle within the African American race. The effect cause higher prison incarceration rates, and a race who spend 99% of their yearly earning on material goods in order to deceit people. The ship Amistad received justice from John Quincy Adams, Nat Turner and his was a few others that rebelled were caught and punished for their murders. The Haitian Revolution, should have sent a clue to this Christians that slavery was not of God. The psychological effect on slavery still is in embedded into our lives

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