Judaism, Christianity, And Islam

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There have been many religions beyond our time most of which have believed in a higher power or powers. Christianity, Islam and Judaism, the three most dominant religions are no different. They are all Monotheistic meaning they believe in one sole higher power or God. Though they share this common idea and many other similarity, they have many distinct features of their own that make them different as a whole. Many past religions have believed in the idea of multiple gods, Polytheism. Judaism, Christianity and Islam believe in one Supreme creator, Monotheism. They believe in the faith of God meaning that God is the supreme creator of the universe and everything in it. Although this is true for the three, one main difference that they have is that both Judaism and Islam believe that God is one and cannot be divided into any distinct parts. This is different in Christianity, they believe in the Trinity of God where he is divided into the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Another similarity that they contain among them is that they all believe in an afterlife and that there is some sort of heaven and hell. The underlying determination to where you will go after death is determined by the actions and the life you lead while here on earth. Each religion has their beliefs to what actions are acceptable for their salvation. They each also have their own sacred text, Christianity has the bible, Islam the Quran and Judaism the Tanakh, though their beliefs fall from similar

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