Judicial Power And Misconduct

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Judicial conduct

Institutional affiliation

The main effects of judicial abuse of power and misconduct is injustice for the victims. Abuse of judicial power imposes psychological stress on the parties involved, which will eventually affect their physical wellbeing. Abuse of judicial power by high profile officers such as a judge may lead to distrust of the judicial system. Judges are expected to observe judicial ethics and are required to act in a way that promotes confidence in the judiciary. Remedies to judicial abuse of power include recusal where the judge might have a conflict of interest in the case. In this scenario, the judge was seen having coffee with the defendant which might lead to a conflict of interest and the judge should be recused from the case.
Judge Wilson should be recused from the case because the judge might not deliver a fair trial due to the relationship with the defendant. Because the judge is a friend to the defendant, it is likely that he will be lenient and the litigants might not receive a fair trial. The communication of the judge with the defendant in the absence of the other party brings the fairness of the proceedings into question as the impartiality of the judge might be affected. However, recusal of the judge might be
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The code of judicial conduct forbids a judge from communicating with one party to the proceedings in the absence of the other party. Such ex parte communications are prohibited because they undermine the impartiality of the having coffee with Anne Marie, Judge Wilson may receive inaccurate information and this can influence the way he will rule in the case. In addition, if the other party learns of the meeting between Judge Wilson and Anne Marie Johnson they will feel that Anne Marie gained unfair advantage in the case irrespective of whether the judge was
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