Judith Thomson On Abortion Analysis

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I feel like I tried to understand both points of views and I tried putting myself in the shoes over a mother who were to get an abortion and Marquis has some reasonable points but from my point of view I would prefer to go with Judith Thomson’s point of view in the defense of abortion. Thomson feels like the mothers deserve their own rights in how to handle the situation with their own baby and obviously with the right way and under the right law in order to proceed with an abortion. She does say the fetus is a person for the sake of the argument that is and she does mention that the fetus has a right to life but that the mother has rights as well. People may see her argument as a bit cruel or blunt but I feel like it was straight forward and honest. People do not have “extensive and enforceable duties” to help each other or as she mentions “aid each other”. Therefore, you are not obligated to give a fetus life, and you may have an abortion if that is what he person wants. She is saying that a right to bodily integrity trumps the right to life. There are many cases in which women have gone through certain things in life where the baby may not be wanted do to…show more content…
Also if he feels like abortion is wrong then contraception is immoral since it is denying a human future of value. It feels like if we where to look at it from his stand point we would be obligated to bring every single life to this earth no matter what, there can come many complications with that. I feel like he overlooks a lot of things and just focuses on how the fetus has a right to live, but that’s not everything that goes into the mix of a person’s future. So I feel like Thomson has more valid points and a stronger stand point in her
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