Julius Caesar Quote Analysis

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Sanders & Brutus’s Thoughts

The play “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare is about Brutus who is convinced by Cassius that the ruler Julius Caesar is becoming too powerful for Rome’s own good. Brutus and other conspirators take this potential dictator down by killing him. Rome breaks into chaos but all in all the chaos was better than having Julius Caesar as a dictator. Brutus and Bernie Sanders think alike in the way they want a fair and equal society. They both strongly want to take down the “higher” people in the world. While Bernie Sanders is looking to take down the 1% and Wall St Brutus is looking to take down Caeser. Both of them in all want to help the common folk and plebeians of their country.

Brutus and Senator Bernie Sanders
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A plebeian says ,on act 3 scene 2 line 63 “We are blest that Rome is rid of him” but after Anthony is done talking a plebeian says “Caesar has had great wrong.”. This quote shows how easily the crowd is swayed and how quickly they can move on. Bernie Sanders gets affected by this except he isn't against Anthony but he is against Hillary Clinton. “we should level with the American people,” said Hillary Clinton in a 2016 Democratic debate. Hillary is acting as if Bernie Sanders is not telling the truth and is trying to lie to the citizens of The United States of America. Anthony also does the same tactic of making the crowd doubt Brutus’s words. “Voters are most likely to trust Clinton” states a poll by a magazine called The Week. This shows how the wicked ways of Hillary are working just as how they worked against Bernie Sanders. Trust is what everyone wants from a candidate and Hillary is getting just that.

“Let us wage a moral and political war against the billionaires and corporate leaders, on Wall Street and elsewhere, whose policies and greed are destroying the middle class of America.” - Bernie Sanders 2016

Page 93 line 23 Brutus “I honour him: but, as he was ambitious I slew
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