Jumbo: Motivation, Or Sacrifice?

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It is 9:30pm and an unscheduled fright train makes its way down some train tracks at a speedy pace, unaware of the circus currently boarding it’s train only several feet ahead. The circus crew panics, as they become aware of the locomotive heading directly towards their most famous and enormous attraction, that stood 12 ft high, 14 ft long, 18 ft around and was a total seven tonnes in weight. A crew member blows an emergency whistle in hopes of stoping the fright train before anything bad could happen but sadly it was too late. BANG. Amongst the screeching sound of the train, a thud is heard and the circus’s smaller attraction is knocked and thrown several feet to the side. Following the screams of on lookers the train comes to an immediate halt as it…show more content…
Even though Jumbo did not do any tricks like the other elephants, his presence was simply enough to steal the hearts of many and slowly became the most famous and loved elephant around the world.

But where is he now? Of course everyone was very sad the day Jumbo was hit by a train but his memory lives on. Jumbo’s skeletal remains can be found at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, his hide can found at the Tufts University in Massachusetts and the most important memorial landmark of Jumbo can be found in St.Thomas, Ontario. The large, life size statue was sculpted and placed on a tall hill just on the outskirts of city as a memorial for the famous circus elephant.

Jumbo was a gigantic elephant who gained his celebrity like status when on tour with a circus, who was later hit by a freight train but will always be remembered by many. Especially when the visitors and people of St.Thomas drive pass the famous landmark of the life sized sculpture that looks over the city where Jumbo took his last breath and the most tragic event happened to
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