June Khan Is Not Obliged Analysis

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In "Sofia Khan is not Obliged" the main character is a decent case of such a woman who rehearses the Islamic ceremonies not for only a reassurance or to keep up the religious clothing regulation; rather she does it to satisfy her God and also to her self-soul. Her conviction supplies her the strength to battle against all impediments and to be stronger in decision making. Several times she recalls the citation from the holy Quran. This study decided to apply the concept of haya’ on the basis of the leading character ‘Sofia’. In that case, an analysis on Sofea’s speeches and actions is highly needed for the sake of the progress of this study.
1) Haya towards the invisible presence of the Almighty: Duting the entire text “Sofia Khan is not Obliged”, the readers can see enough ups and downs in Sofia’s life. Sofia has recently come from a
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Conall asked was it God who was protecting her to dance. She answered, ‘Yes, it’s going to send me to hell as a matter of fact’ (p. 190). All her cravings to get God’s guidance and consolation are nothing but the outcome of ‘haya’ -her deep faith in her religion (this study intends to match, these of her instincts as haya). Sofia’s haya’ toward the invisible presence of Allah and the angels protects her to do sex before marriage while it is a common young and mixed culture happening all over the world. Premarital sex was viewed as an ethical issue which was forbidden in many societies and considered a sin by various religions, yet since about the 1960s, it has turned out to be all the more broadly acknowledged, particularly in Western nations (WIKI). But what about those Muslim women who still value their own dignity and practice haya’ in full swing- “Yes, we date. No, we don’t have sex before marriage. Yes, I pray five times a day. With all this explaining I thought it’d be easier to just write a book about it.” Pg
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