Jungle Dances

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Thump. Thump. The drums beat with a steady rhythm as men and women alike danced across the dirt floor. Jungle dances were Arden’s favorite thing about her large kingdom. Her long, black cloak hid her identity as the daughter of King Toguro, the most feared and respected man in the country. As princess it was her duty to sit in the palace and pretend to be a perfect girl with no opinions or problems. Nothing but a pretty face. She got everything she asked for, but only if she sat still with perfect posture talking to nobody, unless they talked to her first. Arden seemed to be obedient, but strict parents make sneaky children. Arden always kept a sharp knife tucked away at all times for a sense of protection when wandering town. Her long, dark, hair was put in two braids with thousands of flyaway pieces. Arden almost didn’t notice when a large group of palace guards rode their horses to the dancing arena. She backed her way through the crowd. The rhythm stopped as abruptly as the soldier’s arrival. “Attention civilians,” a fat guard read from a scroll. “There has been a great incident in the jungle.” Arden dared to step closer, intrigued. “A poison has been unleashed, killing wildlife.” Shocked villagers gasped. “The king has demanded that one brave soul must investigate, and it must be one of you, considering the other villages had the nerve to oppose.” Mothers hushed their crying babies and held their young ones tight. “If no one volunteers, an expendable soul will be

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