Junk Food And Fast Food

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There are a lot of health-conscious people in the current generation and the fad of eating healthy has over time turned into a regular diet for many. In contrast, there is a much larger part of the population that lives regularly on fast food and junk food. In the event of the growth of the fast-food industry has been revolutionary due to its responsiveness to the growing diversity in consumer tastes. The easy accessibility and low costs of fast food were what made them attractive at first, furthermore the food itself satiated the ever-hungry population. However, now it is common knowledge to many that junk food and fast food is the main cause for obesity in Americans. It has been a long-discussed issue and agreed upon that processed food and junk food had obesogenic elements. Consequently, many food organizations have set shop to make profits out of their “good will” to enable people to consume healthier foods. The intense campaigning and advertising to consume the healthier wholesome food has caused some ripples, causing many people to shift to it. This has however not affected the consumption of fast food but only increased the business of the organizations in the business of wholesome foods. The real truth is something else altogether and unknown to a lot of people. The knowledge that all wholesome foods are much healthier than processing foods is a misconception and is what is talked about by Freedman. Should you completely cut-off from having fast food or processed
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