Junk Food Is The Biggest Cause Killing People After Smoking

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Junk food
The food which contains high level of calories, but low level of nutrition. In the past, people are very conscious about their food and they only like to eat home-prepared, fresh and healthy food in their homes. But now the trend has been changed specially the young generation like to eat fast or junk food like hamburgers, fried chicken, burgers, shawarma and pizza. Everyone needs food it is a very demanding thing (Cassie).
To produced and control the food are very important issues. In many countries, people have no food to eat, but in developed countries like US people have money to eat junk food and it was researched that unhealthy and junk food are the second biggest cause of killing people after smoking. In US, young people used junk food and 60 percent population is considered obese. Why the trend has been changed? There are many reasons of this change ((Teresa, Martindale, & Brownlee).
The main cause of eating junk or fast food is change in the lifestyle of people. Due to technological advancement, the life style of people is changing very rapidly. People are working long hours, shifts and they have no time to prepared food in home. Because women also worked in offices and they also have no time to prepared food for their families. A Large part of population consists on young and wealthy people this is another cause of using junk food. Due to rapid growth and development in the countries, young people have more money to spend on junk food (Rupavate).
The use
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