Juno Design & Mise-En-Scene Essay

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Topic 1 – Design & Mise-en-scene
A movie is not just a motion picture, it is an art form. An art form that is put together by many shots and with that several shots it makes a scene. Editing shots and scenes can setup the mise-en-scene, also known as staging, and the visual design of a film. In the film, Juno (2007) Directed by Jason Reitman, it starts off showing a pregnant teen walking down a pathway with a sunny d drink, this shows the audience that the director is trying to tell us that Ellen Page is the main character of this film. The directorial decisions made in this film can be analyzed only if the audience catches what the director is trying to say or make us see. From the lighting to the composition of the film it can set up
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The director wants the audience to have a depth of perception in the film; from using that style of composition it can show a surprise or suspense within the film. Music can play a big role in a director’s vision of making this film. Using sound and light can make the audience expect what is going to happen next or maybe can trick the audience of what is expected. Just by using the tempo of sound which beats like someone’s heart can show a sense of suspense, which then you can find the rising action. In the beginning of the film Juno walks to the store and buys a pregnancy test and finds out that she is pregnant is one event that the film demonstrates rising action. When Juno has the struggle to telling her father and step mother that she is pregnant and when Juno meets the parents in the penny saver for the first time are more key events demonstrating rising action that the director shows in the film. The Climax of the film is when Juno finally gives birth to her child and Pualie Beeker already knows where she is when she doesn’t show up for his track competition which is a typical Hollywood-style of storytelling when he runs to

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