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Just War
The Catholic Faith has certain doctrines about the concept of war. This doctrine states that a war must be just; one must do everything possible to avoid war. Even when all means were taken to bypass war, there are some matters when force is necessary to correct one’s manifest injustice. Therefore, war is permitted if there are no other ways to resolve the conflict, but must abide by these conditions:
“All other means of putting an end to it must have been shown to be impractical or ineffective”
“There must be serious prospects of success”
“The use of arms must not produce evils greater that the evils to be eliminated”
Conquest History China first conquered Vietnam in 111 BC when the Chinese expanded their Han Empire south into the Vietnamese kingdom of Nam Viet. China’s incentive was to gain Vietnam’s abound amount of mineral wealth and fertile soil for rice growing and other produce. Over the time Vietnam was ruled by the Chinese, the politics weren't always stable. This gave the Vietnamese a transient glimpse of self-government, but the Chinese never failed to return. In 618 CE, the Tang dynasty became popular …show more content…

Then, during July of 1857, Napoleon III of France made the decision to invade Vietnam. In 1882, France invaded North Vietnam. The French forced the Vietnamese Emperor to accept the establishment of the French over North and Central Vietnam in 1883. (INTERNAL CITATION)This acceptance gave France all power over North and Central Vietnam. France brought with them western culture, education, and religion, and for the first time incorporated Christianity with the Vietnamese people. Some Vietnamese accepted their role as French subjects more quickly than others. Some did not accept this at all, this caused them to fight back with hit-and-run-attacks. Modern Vietnam, the one we know today, was created and influenced by French colonialism. By 1887 the French had full control over

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