Justification And Justification For The Act Of Being Set Right Or Made Right

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The simple noun “justification” refers to the act of being set right or made right. Justification, however, is not just limited to just being corrected. It has influences in other various meanings to it as well. For example, justification also means the act of removing debt, being vindicated by judge, or having a relationship restored all fall under the meaning of justification. This is essentially God 's act of removing the sin within us humans while considering us to be righteous through Christ 's sacrifice. As stated in “Christ Our Salvation”, “Those who are righteous will live by faith” (Larondelle, 10). This means that justification must exist in order to have people who live by faith and for these people to be saved and redeemed. Justification helps to show that we humans are in need of daily justification through faith in Christ (Abrams, 97). Sanctification is defined to be the act or process by which people are cleansed and set apart from others to do God’s will. Some synonyms used in the “New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible” are: to be set apart, to dedicate, to purify, to make sacred, and to manifest holiness. The Dictionary states that to be sanctified is to be graciously taken up and set apart for participation in the saving or reconciling purposes of God. For Christians, this happens when they become and remain part of the community of God’s people, who are shaped by the Holy Spirit in the image of God. This is where God makes us Holy. It is done by

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