KPMG Business Analysis

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Many individuals seek to have a career objective where they are able to maintain a position within a professional environment and be able to contribute their personal skills and attributes to the company assisting them to lead forward towards success. In comparison, I prefer to be working within an environment where relationships with peers are strong and is always open when I can continue to learn and move up the ladder. It is important to be proactive in searching for opportunities that reflect these career objectives, which on a personal note KPMG has become a focus for me via the excellent first impression. The company is well known within the global economy and as a result has maintained a diversity background where employees are hired on basis of individuality thoughts, skills, cultural backgrounds and experiences. As a result, having the passion to explore and seek for opportunities within different regions of the world entitles myself to be able to suit the working culture of the accounting field within KPMG. Additionally, when seeking for employment in an accounting company and maintaining a profile in the taxation and …show more content…

This explains that the company not only incorporates profit and growth making strategies, but are also committed towards its community showing professionalism and wellbeing. As a result, getting the opportunity to gain a profile in accounting field of KPMG will help increase my professional skills and help achieve the long-term objectives. These personal objectives that can be achieved includes being able to assist the community that I am a part of and always be out for those who require the need. Additionally, having the flexibility to perform professionally outside the office is a personal attribute that allows me to get a sense of achievement, and build on my working skills and enrich

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