Strategic Business Analysis Paper : Mara 466

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Brett Yancey
April 1, 2015
MARA 466: Strategic Business Analysis Paper
Why Strategy Execution Unravels – and What to Do About It There has been a large amount of research into what strategy is, since Michael Porter’s perennial work in the 1980s. Studies done on the execution of strategy have been far less numerous. However, there is one major understanding about the execution of strategy. The execution of strategy is a vital part of success in business. A summary of many myths surrounding various strategic executions will be outlined, along with their subsequent analyses.
Myth 1: That Execution Translates into Alignment In general, an overall strategy should precipitate into goals and those goals in strategic objectives that can be used to by 1st and 2nd line managers. These strategic objectives’ progress are measurable and quantifiable. Many managers utilize tools such as score cards to analyze the success or lack of, that a company and its managers attain, fails to meet, or surpasses the stated goals. Alignment of these processes to reach a company’s goals is dependent upon the number of goals, the specificity of these goals, and whether or not the entrusted managers have executed these strategies with the necessary resources to accomplish them. According to Sull (2015), “80% of managers say that their goals” fall into this category” (p. #)
However, the majority of companies struggle in their execution. Where a large proportion of managers feel they can count on direct
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