Kakashi Research Paper

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Kakashi was born the only son of Sakumo Hatake, a man famed for his skill and known as a hero of the leaf village. Kakashi's mother died at a young age, and has little to no knowledge of her at all. At a young age Kakashi dawned a face mask, because he resembled his father so much. Most say that they looked nearly identical without Kakashi's mask. He held his father in high re-guards, and loved him very much. However, the boy decided that he would rather be known for his skill than his resemblance to his father. It was then that he decided to follow in his fathers footsteps to become a shinobi of the village. At the tender age of four, Kakashi enrolled into the academy. There he was recognized as on of the top students. Kakashi became one of …show more content…

He was later assigned to a under the command of the Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze. On the team were two other genin, by the names of Rin Nohara, and Obito Uchiha. As a ritual, he along with his other two teammates were administered the bell test. Kakashi used the both of Rin and Obito to reach the goal of taking the bells as a team. The other members of his team may have thought of him as a pain to work with, due to his loyalty to the Shinobi rules. This cause him and Obito to bump heads often. Nonetheless, while on team Minato, Kakashi helped completed many missions. Until the Chuunin exams came …show more content…

Hours of search passed before he found a lead. Kinoe, the boy he spared, was suspiciously traveling through the woods. From the trees, Kakashi followed Kinoe to a cave. Kakashi was captured and almost killed as he was nearly suffocated. Only to be saved by Kinoe, whom elected to interrogate him instead of killing him. Kakashi managed to get free and gain a size-able amount of Intel at the same time. He formed a plan to use one of the Iburi members to catch Orochimaru. Once he track down the one he needed whom was with Kinoe, he explained the plan, which was turned down immediately. They later returned to the cave where the rest of the clan had been slaughtered by

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