Kasserine Battle Analysis

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(2) Technology: During the Battalion of Kasserine pass US had only one Tank battalion equipped with about M4 Sherman tanks, 105mm Howitzer, 155mm howitzers. Nazi Germany had panzers, panzer Grenadiers, and anti-tank units. Nazi Germany overwhelmed over Powered US forces with several tank battalions (watson, 2007).

(3) Doctrine and training: US failures in this meeting occurred well before the battle began. Surprised by the massed panzer formations of 1939 and 1940, and the ease which the Germans seemed to break through the static lines of their enemies, the US attempted to find a solution. In 1941, the US developed the tank destroyer concept. While not a separate branch, tank destroyers had their own unique …show more content…

The most important success came through intercepting the reports of Colonel Bonner Fellers, the US military attaché in Egypt. He had been tasked by General George Marshall with providing detailed reports on the military situation in Africa.[ (Deac, 2006)

(6) Condition and morale: Allied forces begins this battle with heighten Enthusiasm. As the Battle of Kasserine pass the quickly realized that It will not be an easy fight. Nazi Germany had been taken some hard Losses before this battle which led to a disappointed fighting force. With Rommel success at the start of the Battle of Kasserine Pass, German soldier spirits lifted.

(7) Command and Control: During the Battle of Kasserine Pass, Allied and Axis commands both had relationship problems. The Axis command initially gave Gen. Ziegler two panzer divisions. Made a decision to give one of those two commands to Gen. Rommel. Those two commands did not communicate with each other. MG Fredendall’s orders were unclear and somewhat incorrect. He also skipped around chain of command and made direct coordination with combat commanders. MG Fredenall did not get along with other Allied

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