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Dear Katie Hopkins
Last week I came over an article written by yourself which was called ‘ I won’t let my children play with friends that I deem beneath them’ Now I can’t help but say that I laughed throughout the whole article. Not just because of your snobbish attitude but because we all know that you’re a bit of an attention seeker. I really do feel sorry for you and all the other ‘Katie’s’ who don’t want to have their name associated with a deluded woman who tries to make a name for herself by picking on young defenceless children. In your article you state that ‘the name of the birthday girl told me all I needed to know’ Now are you really picking on this little girl because her name is Charmaine? Last year I saw you on TV and you also stated that you don’t like children named after a geological place. I’m struggling to see what’s wrong with the name Charmaine, having a daughter called ‘India’ perhaps brings your own intelligence into the question or at least your ability to read a map.
In your article you also state that ‘The school is perfectly pleasant. But inevitably, it has a broad mix of children from very different social backgrounds.’ I Hope you are not serious. I’m from a different
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You’re not preparing them for later life when they have to choose their friends. Let’s say they make a new friend in their later life, are you going to expect your child to ring you up and let you talk to their new friend. No. This is never going to happen. In fact by doing this you are certainly not preparing them for their later life when they would be independent and working for themselves. In my opinion the best thing you can do as a mother is to monitor their friends not choose them for your kids that way if your child chooses a bad friend they will realize and probably never do it
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