Kennedy's Life Case Study

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Oswald, a 25 year old Caucasian male, is attending counseling for the first time at the request of his wife of 5 years. Oswald’s wife, Jennifer, claims that her husband’s behavior has been very poor of late and that he has been a “nightmare to live with”. In fact, for the last 2 years she has felt that it has been incredibly difficult to be close to her husband due to his mood swings.
Oswald’s parents divorced when he was 2 ½ years-old. Shortly after their divorce, his father moved to Portland, OR, Oswald stayed with his mother in Reno, Nevada. Initially, Oswald spent his summer breaks with his father in Oregon, however, when his father remarried and began having additional children, this became increasing difficulty. Oswald did not get along with his step-mother making …show more content…

Not only have there been difficulties at home, but Oswald has fallen out with his friends. Often he will spend days isolating himself in the house, when not at work, which has been going poorly for him, hardly speaking a word to his wife. During these times he would sleep more than usual and not show interest in his normal hobbies which include his fantasy football team and watching his favorite sitcoms. At other times, Oswald is much more energetic, however, he seems to go out of his way to start arguments with Jennifer regarding issues she felt were insignificant. Often these arguments end with Oswald storming out of the room in anger. When asked if Oswald was ever in an especially good mood it was found that there were multiple periods of time in which he would be joyful and excited, laughing at the slightest provocation. During these periods, which lasted one or two weeks, he would be particularly engaging and energetic. Oswald has no medical issues, does not use illicit substances and is not currently taking any prescription

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