Kevin Baliat. International Politics . Final Paper. 5/21/2017.

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Kevin Baliat
International Politics
Final Paper
Western exclusion of Africa:
Africa has been at the margins of the global economy for much if not all the post-independence period. This is despite having sixty five percent of the worlds diamonds, thirty percent of the world’s oil and in 1976, seventy nine percent of the worlds gold. Africa’s rich mineral basins and numerous tourist attractions left the rest of the world shocked when Africa 's share of world trade has dropped from four percent to one and a half percent over the last forty years and its growth rates were down through the 1970s, '80s and '90s. Some experts averred that all this happened because African countries failed to attract private capital as most investors
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Yet for these countries, world trade in reality plays a major role. In many Sub-Saharan countries, foreign trade (measured in terms of imports and exports) represents more than fifty percent of their GDPs. This is due to a lack of infrastructure and machinery to process the available raw materials which leaves countries overdependent on imports, not adequately balanced by corresponding exports. This dependence on finished imports would be curtailed if these nations had enough capital to purchase machinery to process their raw-materials and sell the finished product locally or export them. However, in order to obtain enough capital to fulfill such drastic projects, they need outside help in the form of private investors.
However, the parading of malnourished and naked African children in front of cameras and images of lions and gorillas in the jungle, that have dominate most Western media news outlets over the past two decades have deterred potential private investors in the ‘West’ from investing in Africa. The presentation of Africa by Western media convinces the audiences in United States, Europe and other parts of the world that the entire continent of Africa is hopeless, poverty and disease stricken. Images of malls and skyscrapers, well developed road networks and other manifestations of modern development in most African countries are usually

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