Key Concepts Of The Crisis Management Essay

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Introduction This summary is based on group consensus on the three most important concepts learned in chapters five through seven. They are leading during crisis, empowering subordinates and simplicity. The level of importance placed on the application of these concepts is dependent on the organization involved. In the military, it is crucially important that leadership lead in an environment embroiled in a crisis. Equally important is the ability to empower subordinates who are demoralized by the crisis in the organization. Leading in a crisis and being able to effectively communicate with subordianates to improve morale is paramount. Group Consensus Leading During Crisis Universally it is assumed that all organizations at some point, whether it be small or large will face a crisis. Followers will take their cues on how to respond to the situation from their leaders. Therefore it is pertinent leaders are well prepared. By communicating openly and frankly with followers, leadership can ensure all subordinates in the organization know and understand their roles in managing the crisis. Crisis management is the methodical way in which members of an organization, in combination with external stakeholders, work to prevent potential disasters and to minimize and solve those that do occur (Brumfeld, 2012). Maintaining a positive outlook is essential for leaders during traumatic events (Nel, Stander, & Latif, 2015). These skills for managing crisis do not always come
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