Kidney Dialysis

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Kidney Dialysis There are a few options when it comes to dialysis. Depending on your diagnosis you may have the option of peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis. With these two treatments you have the option of completing the treatment either in a center or at home if you are able to learn how to treat yourself through training. Peritoneal dialysis cleanses your blood of waste products when your kidneys can no longer take on the task adequately. This can be caused by diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney inflammation, or multiple cysts in the kidneys. As wastes build up in the body, it can be dangerous and may even cause death. The patient is trained on what peritoneal dialysis involves and how to use the equipment which may consist of a catheter …show more content…

Hemodialysis removes wastes, salts, and excess fluid from the body when your kidney can no longer do the work adequately. The treatment is used with end advanced kidney failure and can help maintain an active life despite failing kidneys. In any case, the process can help control blood pressure, maintain the proper balance of fluid and various minerals. A vascular access is created by a surgeon and then the site will need to heal for any a period of a few weeks to a month. This access point allows a mechanism for a small amount of blood to be removed, cleansed and then returned to your body in order for the hemodialysis to work. In a dialysis center your weight, blood pressure, pulse, and temperature are checked then the access site cleaned. Two needles are inserted, attached to a flexible plastic tubing, and then connected to a dialyzer. With other options this can be done in your own home, which is easier on your body, and may give you more freedom. Equipment that may be used includes a graft or catheter, and a hemodialysis machine if the treatment will be at home and a filter called a dialyzer. The concept behind this process is to help cleanse your blood of the toxins in your body. This will help with a better quality of life, increased well being, reduced symptoms, less cramping, headaches and shortness of breath, improved appetite, sleeping patterns, energy levels and the ability to

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