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CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE NSG 4055: Illness & Disease Management across Life Span Susan McCoy LaTonya Brown June 24, 2014 Chronic Renal Disease impacts many Americans life in the United States. “We estimate that more than 20 million people may have CKD, of varying levels of seriousness” (CDC, 2014). The chances of having Kidney Disease increase with age and is common in adults over age 70 because the kidney functions decrease. Kidney Disease affects the body ion so many different ways it can cause bone breakage; fluid overload causes pulmonary edema, congestive heart failure, anemia, and decrease in quality of life. The person I interviewed was a Chronic Renal Failure patient that has been on dialysis for about 4 years. 1.…show more content…
I have been on dialysis for about 4 years. 7. If diabetic how it is controlled and how long has had condition? I.B. My diabetes in controlled by insulin and pills along with my diet. I try to stay away from fatty foods and a lot of sugary foods. 8. Any other disorders like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and stroke? I have high blood pressure never had any clogged arteries that they have said and never had a stroke. Dialysis changes a lot of different things in a person’s life some people become more sedentary related to anemia and tiredness involved in the dialysis. Many people seem to not be able to cope with the changes that their life has to endure to survive. Caregivers have a strain on them also they “burden increases significantly as functional and cognitive impairments imposed by the chronic disease limit the ability of the patient to care for their selves” (Gayomali, C. & Sutherland, S, 2008). The interviewee and his family seemed to be coping very well with the dialysis treatment and with the changes in his everyday lifestyle. He is a 58 year old male so they are aware of the possibility of at some time he may need a kidney transplant and their options if he shall refuse the transplant. They express any concerns with each other and seem very open to new possibilities. References Center for Disease Control (2014). 2014 National Chronic Kidney Disease Fact Sheet. Retrieved from:

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