Kids Should Take Standardized Testing

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Do you know how old kids are when they take their first standardized test?Kids take their first test in pre-K.Kids that young don’t need to take a test when they don’t know much they should use the time to learn.Kids should focus on learning, and the government should shorten the tests. This essay will persuade the reader that the government should shorten the tests because the kids take too much tests, spend too much time taking them, and pressure and stress.

First,I will discuss how kids take too many tests.The students spend 2.3% of their class time taking standardized tests.The tests takes time out of the students learning time.Kids Take 112 tests from Pre-k - 12th.There is more time taken out of learning for the tests and taking it that their is less time for learning new things.Kids should be taking so many tests a year. Next I will discuss how students spend too much time …show more content…

Kids will not have time to enjoy doing other things in class that are entertaining because the test takes up too much time.Parents are not wanting kids to take the standardized tests.The parents are not wanting their kids to take the tests and the government is realizing that more and more parents are doing that.Taking standardized tests puts stress and pressure on the students.

Now, I will be talking about how standardized test help to see what the students know.The standardized test help to see what the students know ,what the teacher taught them, and what they need to learn more about. It takes 2-4 months for the results for the teachers to see.The results from the standardized test take so long to see the score that some teachers won't get the scores in time to help them with what they had trouble in. Standardized tests help to see what the students know but it takes 2-4 months for the

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