Kindergarten Vocabulary : A Literature Review

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Kindergarten Vocabulary: A Literature Review of Effective Instruction
When students enter into the kindergarten classroom, they are greeted with a plethora of new knowledge that they may have previously not had exposure, such as phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Within these, vocabulary is often a major struggle for many children in kindergarten. Young children are often exposed to vocabulary through conversations, but not in a manner of teaching it explicitly. Through this literature review it was my goal as a researcher to find primary studies that focused on high quality instruction in the field of emergent vocabulary, especially in the kindergarten classroom. This topic came into fruition through wanting to understand literacy practices in kindergarten classrooms, since the implementation of Common Core State Standards. I began the research through developing a list of key words and terms that were relevant to my chosen topic of kindergarten vocabulary instruction. These terms included, but were not limited to kindergarten vocabulary instruction, effective vocabulary instruction, vocabulary instruction, and kindergarten classroom practices. Using Eagle search, Education Full Text, and Google Scholar I was able to find four pertinent studies using the key term “kindergarten vocabulary instruction”. After reading the abstracts of these four studies, I changed the key terms and searched emergent vocabulary instruction,
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