Kindle Comparison

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One of the most notable differences is the screens. The Kindle boasts a nearly book-like grayscale matte, while the iPad is equipped with a LED-backlit glossy cover. whereas I found the backlit iPad to be harsh on the eyes, especially for those who spend most of the day working on a computer. The kindles easily readable under the bright sunlight but iPad does not have that feature as you need to turn the brightness to 100% to have a clear look. One of the most notable features is the ability to hold a finger over a word in iBook and look up the definition in less than a second. Using the Kindle, you can also look up a word, but it takes a bit more navigation because the device's built-in dictionary is stored in the menu. The Amazon Kindle for the iPad app takes viewing a book a step further and only do users can manipulate text size and screen brightness, but they are also able to change the page from…show more content…
The iBook gets cutesy with the ability to add colorized illustrations and a feature not available on the Kindle. It also has a novel page-turning ability that allows readers to flip pages from the corners or by tapping the screen. The user interfaces also differ dramatically. The apps of kindle is easy to use but not as easy as an iPad. I-book carry lots of list of book which help the students and reader to satisfied with it without even getting or purchasing to new one. The Kindle also saves places when reading, but must scroll through current list of downloads before able to find the book that you’re looking for. The e-books are quicker to download and open compare to others things. Finally, the Kindle's battery life is far superior to the iPad. With wireless turned off, It get about two weeks of reading. If compare to an iPad the maximum it carry out of 10 hours of battery live. This is especially useful when traveling, as people don't have to pack a power cable for the
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