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We find many places named of their leaders, owners, or some great people who have worked for a cause etc but there is a country which is named after a king who is not even from the continent and that is Georgia which is one of the renowned state in united states of America and the king whom its named after is King George 2 of Great Britain. It is one among the seven federal states formed originally. And it has great history and importance among the 50 United States.

Over view: It’s obviously located in America but geographically it’s placed best among many other states in the United States. Can anyone imagine how much these Georgians might have having by living by boarder south to Florida? It’s a great holiday spot very nearby and having Tennessee in its north along with North Carolina. Its resided by Atlantic Ocean on the east as well as South Carolina and Alabama on the west. Atlanta being the capital city of Georgia there are also many other cities which are well known such as Athens, Columbus, Augusta, Macon, Savannah and are engaged with good population over all. Its population was estimated as 1.1 million by the end of 2014, with an increase of 409,690 from 2010 with a ratio of 2:1 for births to death and increased
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The state itself was named King George-2 of Great Britain as it was colonized by his trustee James Oglethorpe and before British it was habitat to mound building cultures after colonizing the king appointed a Governor for crown control over the colony and hence it was crown colony. Later after joining the American revolution against British rule and was declared independent in 1776, and its first constitution got accessible in 1777 and it stood as tenth state to get confederated on July 24th 1778 and also last to confederate of the reconstruction of union among the states of united
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