Kingsman The Secret Service Essay

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The Film “Kingsman: The Secret Service” is a British Spy and Science Fiction Film directed by Matthew Vaughn, In the film we learn of a secret spy organization operating under the guise as gentlemen whom purchase suits from an appropriately named Kingsmans Tailors. In The first scene we are then introduced to Kingsman Agent Harry Hart. Harry returns to London to personally inform a family of the deceased soldier. He gives a necklace with a phone number to be called in a time of need to a young boy named Eggsy.In a Later Scene we are introduced to an older Eggsy,who Finds himself on the verge of being sent to prison due to grand theft auto, in the interrogation room where Eggsy is being asked for the names of the other people in the car, …show more content…

In the film Eggsy uses his skills that he learnt to survive on the streets in london as well as the more advanced skills he learnt from the Kingsman Training to infiltrate the bunker and destroy the satellites being used to power the armageddon device. This helps support the another main idea of the film which is those with nothing to lose have everything to gain. This idea is also shown throughout the film as Eggsy starts training as a spy as he had literally nothing to his name, other than a jail sentence. This allowed him to gain great ability as a spy and as a …show more content…

This made for quite hilarious scenes with Valentine on the verge of collapsing at the result of his device. This left me feeling a mix of joy and excitement for the next scene, waiting for more scenes filled to the rim with dark humor. I believed the director used this to keep the viewers interested in the film as most spy films tend to get a bit boring due to their mostly predictable plots. This film uses the dark humor to get away with a predictable but still highly interesting

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