Kiran Desai's Novel: The Inheritance Of Loss

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Kiran Desai is an Indian writer. In the age of fifteen years, she left India for England with her mother. Her mother’s name is Anita Desai, who is also a recognized writer. After a year they moved to the America, where Desai has lived till date. She is a citizen of India and a permanent resident of the America. She is a part of the Indian diaspora. Kiran Desai’ first novel is Hullaballo in the Guava Orchard. In this novel, she is dexterously able to portray male psyche. She won Booker Prize for The Inheritance of Loss. This is her second novel. Desai is the youngest female to win the Booker prize.
The story of the novel, The Inheritance of Loss opens up with the residents of a town in the north-eastern Himalayas, specifically, a disillusioned old judge, his …show more content…

Running parallel with the story set in India we are also able to follow the vicissitudes of Biju, the son of cook. He is struggling to realize the American dream as a migrant in New York. The Inheritance of Loss has been extremely highly praised as a representative book. The novel focuses confusion, hopelessness, ethno-racial and chronological relationships between people from dissimilar backgrounds and cultures. Kiran Desai is intensely interested in India- the India of 1980s which sincerely explores the varied picture. Desai examines the whole thing from beginning to end the ‘lens of being Indian,’ without that point of view she acknowledged that she cannot write. The novel, The Inheritance of Loss is a novel of merciless bitterness and hopelessness. The novel presents its characters as eventually weak human beings struggling in look for of their individuality. It shows the feeling of being trapped between two continents that infuses The Inheritance of Loss — a story replete with unhappiness over

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