Kitty Ball Character Analysis

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When we were first introduced to Kitty, I thought she was a standard, sheltered little princess with few problems in her life. She seemed like a Bella Swan style bimbo, a perfectly beautiful airhead from a poorly written fanfiction. Jacob or Edward? Vronsky or Levin? Her life was like an empty romance story disguised by flowery language. She’s loved despite having absolutely no merit. And in many ways, Kitty truly is a spoiled, overprotected girl. But, when she is rejected by Vronsky, something inside her fundamentally changes.
Kitty’s rejection by Vronsky is not just a single heartbreak; instead, it is representative of growing up and learning about the harsh realities of life in one blow.
Kitty begins as a character who is very secure in
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She isn’t some trashy homewrecker who Kitty can bring herself to hate or even brush off; she’s a mature and elegant woman who is far more grown than Kitty is. Even her outfit reflects this: even though Kitty thought Anna would look most beautiful in a bright, gaudy lilac, Anna chooses to wear a minimal, and yet ultimately more stunning, black dress. Kitty observes Anna’s dance with Vronsky, and the feeling that she will never truly come to understand everything in the way Anna does hits her hard. In comparison to Anna, Kitty is unquestionably a child, and this comes with two thoughts: first, the thought that she is the inferior woman, and second, the realization that she is too inexperienced to be making decisions about such important matters as marriage.
She becomes further overwhelmed by the weight of choosing a spouse as it becomes clear to her that her thought that Vronsky ever loved her was completely wrong. As Kitty observes Vronsky and Anna’s dance, it hits her that Vronsky has never loved her in the first place. She sees that “Anna was drunk with the wine of the rapture she inspired” (81) in Vronsky. Vronsky’s admiration and obedience is clear as day to Kitty, and she is “horrified” (81) to see how he loses all her confidence in the face of Anna’s beauty. As she watches the two dance, she experiences a feeling she never has before - jealousy. She can feel the significance of every motion they make. Kitty, who has never seen Vronsky’s glazed face,

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