Knee Jerk Technology Failure

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Would you buy a car with bad brakes and drive it until they failed? Who would buy a home and ignore serious flaws by skipping an inspection? So why would you partner with a technology services vendor that agrees to work with your technology “as is”?

It never ceases to amaze while in discussions with a prospective client when it comes up that the competition is willing to take over management of the network practically sight unseen. These other vendors must be somewhat aware of the obsolete servers and unpatched firewalls in place. Yet, they forge ahead with support without disclosing the security vulnerabilities, the data backup shortcomings, or the fact that the server operating system has not been patched for months!

Then what happens, soon after, when network issues arise that require significant attention and investment? You may find yourself facing a complete outage or suboptimal performance due to components failing. You may face large, unanticipated bills to replace equipment at the most inopportune times of your …show more content…

Think of it like an ongoing wellness program. A healthy network creates value with happier, more productive staff; fewer customer frustrations and increased returns on investment. Instead of making knee-jerk technology investments, a true Technology Management approach starts with an in-depth inspection. It follows with discussions about long term business objectives and includes details about the investments needed to achieve business goals. Like a gym membership and a healthy diet, once the upgrades are completed, monitoring and management continues the work of maintaining consistent health. Regular review meetings ensure that technology keeps pace with growth and changing objectives. The most competent vendors will include in these reviews detailed budgeting to remove surprises and assist in decision making well in advance of critical

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