Kohlberg 's Theory Of Moral Development

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“Kohlberg developed six stage theory of moral development, and then he group them six into three. Which are higher-order levels of development: Level 1- Pre- Conventional morality which have two stageies 1- obedience and punishment, 2- Individual interest: behavior driven by self-interest and rewards. Level 2- Conventional morality two stageies are 1- interpersonal: behavior driven by social approval, 2- Authority: behavior driven by obeying authority: behavior driven by obeying authority and conforming to social order. Level 3- Post Conventional morality last two stageies is 1- Social Contract: behavior driven by balance of social order and individual rights, 2-universal ethics: behavior driven by internal moral principles (…show more content…
If they morally do wrong and disobey the orders and rules I have set before them. Level 2- Conventional, as law enforcement officers they are to continue to accept the rules of their authority figures. Plus have positive relationships with there colleagues and societal order to avoid disapproval. Level 3- Post Conventional, as officers they must uphold there principles and valves. Live by their own ethical principles-- principles that typically include basic human rights as life, liberty, and justice – and view rules as useful but changeable mechanisms, rather than absolute dictates that must be obeyed without question. All three levels reliant on the concept of justice as it enables the concerned authorities to reach their mandate without the abuse of the system or other people within your department.

Three types of criminals who are at different stages of moral development? “ Juvenile delinquencies are teenagers whose moral development has been impaired at the third stage. This stage consists of interpersonal and accord conformity as well as authority and social order maintaining law. Juvenile delinquents are unable to recognize the authority of the legally appointed leaders as well their parents ( Woolfolk, 2012 ). They are also unable to respect social norms and the laws that have been instituted by the authorities. Individuals that have not properly developed at stage two, which is driven by self- interest, include insurance
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