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Chapter 1 Part 1 Competing with Operations USING OPERATIONS TO COMPETE Discussion Questions 1. It is often not a good idea for a company to try to excel in all of the competitive priorities because it is generally impossible to do so. Mediocrity is a predictable result. The choice and the minimum level of one or more of the competitive priorities are set by the order qualifiers for the particular product or service. The choice of the competitive priorities that the company should emphasize is usually governed by the company’s strategy driven by its mission statement and the core competencies that the company wants to harness to seek the best competitive advantage. 2. Answering this question demonstrates that processes underlie all…show more content…
In line with the mission statement, maximum utilization of the facilities (i.e., beds and emergency room personnel) would not be one of the performance objectives for the hospital. 8. Wild West, is recognizable as US WEST, which was bought out by Qwest in a hostile takeover in June, 2000. But many other “Baby Bells” are in a similar position. a. Strategic plans include reducing overhead, reengineering operations, and investing in new technologies to meet competition. The “do-nothing” option of remaining a local monopoly telephone company is not viable because of competition from cable systems and wireless systems that are capable of business and personal communication. If the mission is too broad, Wild West should sell its financial services and commercial real-estate businesses. Those businesses do not match their distinctive competencies. b. One environmental issue is whether communication, like health care, will be viewed as a “right” and therefore should be free. A significant portion of Wild West’s business is governed by regulatory agencies. Customer service in their core business is essential to maintaining a favorable regulatory environment. Other business opportunities, such as manufacturing and providing information services, are prohibited by the same court order that formed the “Baby Bells” from AT&T. c. Wild West’s distinctive competency is in connecting people (or machines) for the purpose of communication. A weakness is high overhead
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