Kroger Mcdonald Main Strengths Are Their Price And Customer Service

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For the past 11 years, I have been working for the same organization. Kroger is a large grocery store chain in which operates under 15 different banners. Kroger was established in 1883 by Barnard Kroger. Operating in 34 states in the United States, Kroger is the second largest grocery chain in the U.S.
Kroger is currently in the retail grocery industry. Some of their competitors are Wal-Mart, Publics, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes. Kroger main focus is to provide friendly service and to provide the freshest product to customers as possible.
Kroger main strengths are their prices and customer service. Kroger has invested millions of dollars into prices. With this strategy, lowering the price means attracting customer through the door. With …show more content…

The Kroger Company is always looking to grow. Just this year, Kroger has introduced a new branch of the business called Click List. This is where customers go online to place their grocery order. Once they have place their order, the selector within the Click List area will select the customer shopping list. After selecting the order, the attendant then bags everything and places the order in the waiting cooler and/or freezer. When the customer arrives outside, they then park inside the designated parking spaces. After parking, they then call inside of Click List to alert the attendant they are outside and ready for pick up. Once everything is placed inside the customer vehicle, they then pay on the wireless pad.
This part of the business is fairly new to the company. However, Kroger has had small talk about partnering with Uber to make home deliveries. This means that the customer would place their order on the website and Uber would be alerted to pick up and deliver their groceries. This means that the customer would never have to leave the house and come to a grocery store at all.
As it pertains to HR, Kroger could possible partner with different job board alerting their hiring needs. This way the talent pipeline could possibly be filled with great candidates that could possibly move the company to the next level. The company then can partner with another company to screen all the candidates that was recruited. This way the hiring process will speed

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