Krzyzweski Leadership Style

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From being a member of the United States Army, to becoming the most profound basketball coach in the world, Mike Krzyzweski has a wide array of leadership experiences. He has expressed the ability and qualities of being a great leader, and shaping the lives of many young adults. His drive and professionalism enhanced his leadership traits, which has positively affected the lives of many. The Story, Leading with the Heart by Coach Mike Krzyzweski (Coach K), will help me become a better leader because of three essential principles deeply rooted within the story; discipline, focus, and flexibility.
A team must develop the fundamentals of discipline before becoming a cohesive unit. Discipline stems from a leader who possesses the qualities of honesty and integrity, and exceptional leaders can spread those traits amongst his people. Coach K believes, “Discipline is doing what you are supposed to do in the best possible manner at the time you are supposed to do it” (Krzyzweski 35). These words have an impactful meaning on my mind, aiding the values that I have as a leader. I believe that effort is a driving factor that creates and establishes the great leaders in society.
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I learned of the importance of personal responsibility when becoming an influential leader. To overcome adversity, it takes immense focus and concentration to bounce back and remain on a stable path to success. Leaders can understand the emotions and feeling of their team, and take immediate actions to correct any faults. In the Story, Coach K states, “A leader’s responsibility to his team is paramount. It overshadows even his own personal feelings at any given time” (Krzyzweski 167). By putting the members of my team before myself, I can lead more effectively and efficiently. For reaching exceptional levels of leadership, I can’t feel sorry for myself, and must set a great example for those around
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