Kung Fu vs Aikido Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay A Strategic Fight

If one had to choose between Kung Fu skills and Aikido skills, the better choice would be Kung Fu. If asked, a lot of people would not know the difference between Kung Fu and Aikido. They may know that both Aikido and Kung Fu are types of martial arts, but that wouldn’t tell us much about Kung Fu or Aikido. Kung Fu is juxtaposed with Aikido because of the different cultures they came from, which determines how one approaches one’s enemy, whether it is more defensively or offensively.
Kung Fu is
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While defending oneself from a weapon, one learns to do so with whether the same weapon, a different weapon and sometimes even with your bare hands. Imagine someone attacking you with a sword or spear and your only weapons are your hands and feet. How would you defend yourself, against a weapon longer than your arms, while doing the least amount of damage possible to yourself?
Aikido is more defensive because of the time period it was created in gave the creator more time to be influenced. Unlike Kung Fu, Aikido is a form of Japanese Martial Arts that was recently created. It was created in the early 20th century and is a combination of many martial arts that Morihei Ueshiba, the creator of Aikido, learned over his lifetime. Aikido is highly based on self-defense; however, it is very effective. Aikido redirects the opponents’ motions and attacks to the defender’s advantage by catching the attacker’s limb, and ultimately taking down the attacker. The benefit of learning Aikido is you get to defend yourself while protecting the attacker from any severe injuries. A skilled person who practices Aikido will have rapid responses to aggressive attacks the offender uses. Because Aikido does not oppose the attack, it requires little physical strength and is not overly damaging to the opponent. The problem with Aikido is that it defends well on aggressive attacks, but when
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