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KWV WINES SHAREHOLDER’S REPORT BY: MARINA YUROVA ULKAR NAJAFOVA JIMMY HUMANIA COMPANY’S DESCRIPTION KWV is one of the most famous and leading “wine and spirits” producing company in South Africa. Founded in 1918 as a winemaking co-operative, by wine makers from the Western Cape in South Africa. Today it is well-known global brand producing wine and spirits with a rich historical background and large variety of high quality wine. COMPETITORS The main competitors of KWV are: ● Distell ● Klein ● Simonsig All of them are situated in South Africa but they distribute globally. However, there are a lot of differences in price, quality and beverage range. In positioning maps below we show differences between these rivals. The…show more content…
Although the company uses several strategies to improve their business, the main strategy is a differentiation strategy, which lead to KWV growth into a global producer of over 100 products. brands having collectively earned over 300 awards in the past year alone. KWV named SA champion at 2015 SA young wine awards. TRENDS &TENDENCIES The International Wine Industry: Global Experts Vision 2034 collected the results from the discussion about the central changes in the wine industry in the upcoming years:  In 2034 consumers, not producers, will dominate the wine industry  The distribution is further polarised, supermarkets are even more dominant  North America and China are the main investment targets  The packaging and regulations will play a major role KWV: Sales Revenue 54% South Africa, EU & UK 31%, ROW 15%. Operating profits are: SA 3%, EU&UK 25%, Africa 17%, ROW 6%. Distell: Sales Revenue in SA 68.9%, Revenue in Africa 15.7%, Revenue International 14.9%, Operating Profit+6.5% Dividends/share 188cents, Sales Volume +5.7%, FUTURE STRATEGIES  The United-Kingdom is one of the three largest economies in Europe, after France and Germany (Cia WorldFactBook, 2013). Its GDP per capita (PPP) is $42,000, composed at 78.9% of services, 20.5% of industry and only 0.7% of agriculture

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